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Bloom of Blood and Bone - Silas.png
Silas on the cover of Bloom of Blood and Bone.
Character Information
D.O.B 1623AoRGMK
Age 27
Status Alive
Race Mixed Man
Title Doctor Morosse Formerly.
Chaos Lord
Affiliation Coven of Dark Hammer
Clan of Jett Hammer
House Morosse
Family DunewellBrother

Lord Silas Morosse of House Morosse is a Lord of Chaos, brother to Dunewell, and a sworn follower of his Lady, Dru. Silas is the former doctor and practitioner of Sanctum Lacra, prior to it being burned down at his hand.[1][citation needed]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

  • Eyes: Green, the color of Bearberry leaves in the Spring.
  • Hair: Black curly locks.
  • Height: 6" 0'
  • Weight: Nearly 180 Stone

Silas is of the 'Mixed Man' race, due to his mother being of the 'Great Woman' race and his father being of the 'Common Man' race.[2]

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

In the fourth Where did it come from? Wednesday!, R.J. Hanson states his personal inspiration for Silas' appearance is based on the actor Edward Norton.[3]

I first envisioned Silas as a medieval version of Hannibal Lechter.
~ R.J. Hanson

Personality[edit | edit source]

The only people Silas seemingly respects are those who are equal to, or more dangerous and powerful than he is. Lady Dru, Rogash, Lynneare, Isd'kislota, and so on. Anyone else who can be taken advantage of, should and will be taken advantage of. He's shown to be incredibly patient, enacting revenge on anyone who crosses him and putting anyone else who tries back in place. Silas ate the finger of Uriel-Ka; taking the opportunity to display his strength and the consequences of underestimating and threatening him.[4]

Silas wears the guise of immaturity as needed, in a bid to get opponents to underestimate him. His craftiness makes him one of the most dangerous people in Stratvs.

Weapons and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Human[edit | edit source]

Chaos Lord[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Heirs of Vanity Lord's of Order and Chaos
of Blood
and Bone
Whetstones of
the Will

Fires That Forge[edit | edit source]

Silas murdered his parents, and skillfully plays the factions and power players who attempt to use the murders for political gain. While going about his research and studies at Sanctum Lacra, he learns about a vampire and begins research into how to find her, and how to become a Lord of Chaos.

Silas eventually meets Dru, to who he pledges his service as he finishes his effort to become a Lord of Chaos.

After being blackmailed by Lady Evalynne and Uriel-Ka, he burned down Sanctum Lacra. When asked about it by his Lady, Dru, he stated that he had "nothing more to gain from studying there".[citation needed]

He confronts his brother, Dunewell at the remains of Sanctum Lacra.

Bloom of Blood and Bone[edit | edit source]

Whetstones of the Will[edit | edit source]

Stalking Shadows[edit | edit source]

Family and Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family Tree[edit | edit source]


Interactions[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of all known and named characters Silas is known to have interacted with in any way at some point time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Silas often takes the opportunity to educate people, even when the situation doesn't call for it.
    • This is because deep down he feels his only value lies in his intelligence, feeling as if his intelligence is the only reason people would treat him well.[5]

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References[edit | edit source]

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