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Stratvs world map updated February 25 - 2022.png
World of Stratvs map.

Stratvs is the world and setting of the Bloodlines Reforged Saga, so named after the deity of smithing, Roarke's anvil, upon which the world was forged.[1] Signed maps of Stratvs can be purchased on the official website.[2]

Geography[edit | edit source]

Regions[edit | edit source]

For a full list of locations, see Locations of Stratvs.

Other[edit | edit source]

Seas[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

For a full timeline of events on Stratvs, see Timeline.

Noteworthy Battles[edit | edit source]

Map Differences[edit | edit source]

1999 Original vs. Modern[edit | edit source]

Early Modern vs. Modern[edit | edit source]

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Locations of Stratvs
Disputed Isles
Cities and Towns Ashoguro
Cities and Towns JunTeg • Thorvol Capital City
Bays, Lakes and Rivers Kellfeld Lake • Shrov Bay
Kingdom of Lethanor Info symbol.png
Cities and Towns Bolthor • Dalloth • Gallhallad • Glenntheen • Ivantis • Janis Port • Modins • Moras • Ostbier • Split Town
Homes and Buildings Blackstone Hall • Blood Hair • Broken Plow • Con’s Garden • Flagon Foam • Fordir • Lower Market Street • Lupern’s Inn • Marble Flagon • Noble’s Rest • Pauper’s Garden • Sanctum Lacra • Sani’s Pot and Table • Silver Helm Academy • Solwar • Stamdon • Swan a’Flight • Whaler’s Rest
Bays, Lakes and Rivers Olithyn
Other Nolcavanor • Stonebeard Clan • Suthiel • Vessen • Whynne
Cities and Towns Vanthor • Skult Capital City
Homes and Buildings
Bays, Lakes and Rivers Pennes
Other The Marshes
Cities and Towns Broken Time • Dead Horse • Fate's End • Wodock
Homes and Buildings Bloody George’s • Horse Eater’s Walk • Mariner’s Fair • Raven’s Nest
Bays, Lakes and Rivers
Other Champion’s Rest
Blue Tower • Degra • Elgellund • Greif's Pass • Lavon
Blood Sea • Kolvic Sea • Sea of Asunder • Sea of Coins
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Glossary of Stratvs
Fauna • Flora • Locations • Materials • People • Races

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