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Roland's Sorrow
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Novel Information
Series Heirs of Vanity (Series)
Series # 4
Saga # 8
Author R.J. Hanson
Publisher(s) Blood & Bone Publishing
Language(s) English
Audio Book No
Ebook No
Reading Order
Previous Next
Stalking Shadows Depths of Nolcavanor

Roland's Sorrow is the planned fourth book in the Heirs of Vanity (Series) by author R.J. Hanson.

Setting[edit | edit source]

Roland's Sorrow is set in the year [Research required], in the Age of Restored Great Man Kings. If you're following the author's suggested reading order, it should be read after Stalking Shadows, which is currently unreleased, and before Depths of Nolcavanor.[1]

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Excerpts[edit | edit source]

  • Notable and Quotable: August 20, 2021 - Chapter ???.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

  • [3] Official Website.
  • [4] Suggested reading order.