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Character Information
Pronunciation /*dóru./
D.O.B 1555
Status Alive
Race Ussa Father
Slandik Mother
Title Lady
Lady of Moras
Affiliation Coven of Dark Hammer
Clan of Jett Hammer
Dru's Age
Story Year, month, season Age
Age of Restored Great Man Kings
Roland's Path
Fires That Forge
1648 - 49 Tetobier 94 - 95
Roland's Vow
Bloom of Blood and Bone
1649 Ehno (Spring) 95
Roland's Triumph

Whetstones of the Will

1650 Ehno (Spring)

1650 Fall

Stalking Shadows 1651 (Summer) 97

Lady Dru /*dóru./ Play is a skilled Sorceress, Master Vampire, and lady of House Morosse. She's the daughter of Yakusun of the Disputed Isles and Shu’ari from the Kingdom of Lethanor.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Dru was born to a wealthy merchant, Yakusun, of the Disputed Isles in the year 1555, Age of Restored Great Men Kings. She was taught many languages, and to reads and write even more. She was taught the 'dance' of the Disputed Isles, which required "profound agility" and discipline. Aboard the ship Eshishuni, during her first ever voyage at sea, a vicious storm assaulted the vessel.[1]

Imprisonment[edit | edit source]

At the age of 11, Dru was enslaved at the Blue Tower. After the vessel crashed into the rock of the Blue Tower, the mages there began to display a piece of paper to the fourteen survivors. Inferred that they were looking for illiterate slaves, who wouldn't be able to read their books. She mimicked the child of a servant she grew up with, Kesuri, and pretended to be disabled, which saved her life.[1][2]

Dru lived the life of a servant, fitted with a leg iron that was attached to a 20-stone weight. After four to five years of secretly studying magic, was able to create fire using a spell. During her fifth year of imprisonment, she managed to copy a journal in secret, which happened to be a biography of a Master Vampire by the name of Slythorne, who the mages had spied on for years.[3][4]

After studying scrolls and journals in secret for another two years, she'd begun to practice hiding runes on her ankle weight. She set fire to the books and scrolls in the Blue Tower's library. She clubbed a nearby Wizard and framed him for the crime, left the room shouting fire, and when two additional Wizards's and 8 of their pet soldiers entered the room, Dru shut the door behind them. As they screamed, it brought a smile to her cracked and split lips.[5]

After escaping the tower, stealing food in the process and picking up her pack loaded with choice tomes, she was confronted by fourteen guards and three mages. Due to the runes on her ankle weight, several of the crossbow bolts fired at her were directed, killing the guards who fired them, while others shattered. While the mages attempted to attack and control her mind, her runes and sheer willpower prevented their success, and she used the spell Sectlartha to teleport away. Dru made her escape from the Blue Tower and sought out Slythorne.[6][7][8]

Recovery[edit | edit source]

After teleporting to her childhood home, Dru sought out her father's hidden wealth in the basement. She'd fed, taken a satchel of silver and jade, and left. After transferring her runes, newfound energy from the Wizard's assault, and layering on new Runes, Dru bathed, took servants' clothes, and entered a spa in the city of Ashoguro and began to rest. Upon being awoken, she traded a piece of jade for a new set of clothes. Days later, she entered the city of Stamdon, under the guise of a diplomat, there to investigate potential commerce.[8][9][10]

In Stamdon, she lived in relative luxury, transcribing the stolen scrolls and books into a language of her own creation, then burning the originals. Dru traveled to different provinces, visiting various priests to heal a single wound or scar at a time, over the course of months. Dru transcribed the biography of Slythorne from memory, adding her own notes along the way. She continued to dance while picking up skills with the staff. She traveled to all cities known, and some unknown, taking on the role of various titles, ranks, and positions before she finally found him.[11]

Vampire[edit | edit source]

After six years of searching, Dru found Slythorne in Janisport. It took her another 2 years to prove her worth, and Dru was turned into a vampire by Slythorne. Their relationship lasted another 36 years. While Dru's thoughts never left the Blue Tower, in the spring of the year 1617, she could wait no longer. Slythorne wouldn't allow her to leave and their argument turned to deadly combat. Unable to defeat Slythorne, she fled, and he chased her. For six years, Slythorne pursued Dru all across Stratvs, until she fled to the forest of The Suthiel. Dru was able to strike a bargain with Drow Queen, Jandanero and the half-Ogre, half-Dwarf Warlord, Rogash.[12][13][14]

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

  • Eyes: Almond-shaped eyes that are Gold and Brown (Human), Solid Black (Vampiric Rage)
  • Hair: Lush, and black
  • Height:
  • Weight:

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

In the OBRS Wiki Interview with R.J. Hanson, he revealed that the inspiration for Lady Dru's physical appearance was the porn actress Asia Carrera.[15]

As bad as it sounds, I envision Dru as the pornography actress Asia Carrera ...
~ R.J. Hanson

Personality[edit | edit source]

Weapons and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Heirs of Vanity Lord's of Order and Chaos
of Blood
and Bone
Whetstones of
the Will

Depths of Nolcavanor[edit | edit source]

In Janisport, King Lucas encounters Dru, attempting to gain her attention. While she's not named directly, she's described as wearing an "elegant silk dress and kept her lush black hair bound in a tight knot at the back of her neck." which matches her description. His opinion was that she read too much, and had a strong will while being devoid of ambition. which also matches her personality and interests, or lack of. King Lucas abandoned his endeavor, while Dru only had eyes for Slythorne, who had just entered the bar. (Who also goes unnamed.)[16]

Fires That Forge[edit | edit source]

Chapter XIV: The Face of Monsters - Dru's backstory is given.

Chapter XVI: Who Betrays Who? - Dru meets Silas of House Morosse, in Moras. Silas swears his loyalty to her and they begin to travel together. She's introduced to Lady Evalynne as Lady Delilah, heir to House Morosse, cousin to Silas on his father's side.[17]

Bloom of Blood and Bone[edit | edit source]

Whetstones of the Will[edit | edit source]

Stalking Shadows[edit | edit source]

Family and Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family Tree[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Where did it come from? Wednesday! #25, R.J. Hanson revealed that Lady Dru's Dance was based on Kung Fu and Tai Chi and served as his "vehicle to bring martial arts into the fantasy world of Stratvs".[18]
    • Lore wise, the dance is the 'Dance' is a cultural fighting style and means of meditation of the Ussa people, and is designed to allow various weapons to be implemented into the fighting style.[18]
  • R.J. Hanson has shared that many of the characters of Stratvs have been played by real people in tabletop sessions of Rolemaster over the years. He's revealed that Lady Dru was played by his wife, Michelle Hanson.

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