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Release years
April 6 2020 Fires That Forge
April 18, 2020 Bloom of Blood and Bone
April 27, 2020 Whetstones of the Will
This page is about the Lords of Order and Chaos Series. For the novel containing the first three books in the series, see Meta:Lords of Order & Chaos (Novel).

Lords of Order and Chaos is the second series set in the Bloodlines Reforged Saga by R.J. Hanson. The series spans the three previously released novels as well as three additional planned stories.[1] The series can be read independently of other books in the Bloodlines Reforged Saga, but can also be read in the author's suggested reading order. The Lords of Order and Chaos series contains numerous references to other books in the Saga and vice versa.

Novels[edit | edit source]

Cover Art Novel Audiobook eBook Paperback ISBN/ASIN Narrator
Lords of Order and Chaos - Fires That Forge.png Fires That Forge ISBN: 13: 979-8621162634
Terry F. Self
Lords of Order and Chaos - Bloom of Blood and Bone.png Bloom of Blood and Bone ISBN: 13: 9798632630801
Terry F. Self
Lords of Order and Chaos - Whetstones of the Will.png Whetstones of the Will ISBN: 13: 979-8638104283
ASIN: B08777W3MH
Terry F. Self
Lords of Order and Chaos - Stalking Shadows.png Stalking Shadows(Planned)
Wiki section 1 image.png Perils of the Blue Tower(Planned)
Wiki section 1 image.png In the Names of Our Grandfathers (Planned)

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